Bot Colony

MAY, 2014

Upcoming Features for Intruder and Beyond

We’ve got some big and some small changes coming to the game play and to the general setting of the Intruder level. We’re looking forward to getting these additions fully integrated into the game, and we believe they’ll serve to enhance the Intruder experience.
In this post, the new feature we’ll look at is Enactment, a sort of event-based video playback technology. It results from the player questioning the robot about events that he witnessed, and allows the player to see what the robot saw at that time. These enactment videos will further inform the investigative game play element, and this new Intruder game play will be in addition to commanding and controlling the robot.
The Scenario:
So as you may be aware of by now, all of Nakagawa’s robots have a kind of memory of recent events, and you’ll now have to tap into this series of memories as part of your training mission.
There are some things amiss in the Kurenari household, and you’ll be tasked to figure out what went wrong. The latter half of the Intruder level will focus on this investigation, and you’ll have to work with Jimmy, the Kurenari’s domestic bot, to complete this section of the level. He’ll be dropping clues to get you started, but you’ll have to be creative and choose your questions well to follow the chain of events.
Jimmy will have memories of certain events that he witnessed in the house– things that he’s heard or seen. He’s been especially interested in human behaviour lately, having made note of events he has deemed noteworthy. Some of these memories will have a special video component, giving insight into Jimmy’s interests as well as the lives of the Kurenari family.
As with any investigation, you’ll have to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of things — but in Bot Colony, you have the freedom and the power to choose your own. While the investigative angle, video Enactment, and robot memories will be making their debut in Intruder, these elements will be used throughout the game.
Thanks for reading!