Bot Colony

JUNE, 2014

Twenty Questions free browser game available on

You can now play a game of Twenty Questions (20Q) with our Jimmy, the robot from the Intruder level. Differently from other Twenty Questions games where you just answer with Yes, No or Maybe, digressions and clarifications are supported. You can also ask Jimmy questions about his environment and so on. He will answer, but then he will gently bring you back to the game and expect that you answer his last question. You cannot command him as you can do in Intruder - it's a text-only browser game without 3D - however, 20Q does use our full dialogue pipeline hosted in the cloud. 
Jimmy will try to learn from you about why people do certain things. We plan to use the content that your provide to improve Jimmy's knowledge about people and every day life. Going forward, we hope that one day Jimmy will be smart enough so you'll consider adopting him as your VPA (Very Personal Assistant). Jimmy will get to know you, help you keep track of your daily and weekly priorities, and converse with you about what you need to do to achieve your objectives. We hope that Jimmy's language understanding will compare favorably with Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana- if you're using either of them, we're keen to hear what you think.
Jimmy already remembers whatever you tell him. Experiment by telling him some facts, and then ask back and you'll see. Right now this works in the same sessions. We're working to make that persistent between sessions.
We'll put in place community features - there will be an AI Coach Ladder (games played, player wins against Jimmy, concepts taught, photos of objects uploaded, etc.) Finally, please keep in mind this is an early Alpha of 20Q (even less, it's not yet function complete, but you can see where it is going). For now, you'll need to go to to play. We plan to make it available on Steam in the future - there's some work to port the client. If you find it interesting, please pass the link to a friend. As always, we need your feedback !