Bot Colony

JULY, 2014

Text-to-animation Video

We'd appreciate your feedback on the text-to-animation idea described here (spoiler alert: Intruder will be much easier once you see this! BTW, this was done through speech, and it shows game performance with a trained profile isn't bad at all):


In Bot Colony, you can command robots to do things. What if we made this available as a tool in which you could import your own characters, a setting of your choice, and you could command the characters using a text script? (as you do in Intruder). Add special effects and editing tools, and you'd have what it takes to produce your own CG videos. With appropriate controls to synchronize character behaviour and speech, you could also make your own games (so, a modding tool). The key idea is to create animation through language, which opens this up to anyone (today, it's only animators).
A new medium of creative expression. Thoughts?