Bot Colony

MAY, 2014

New Release Up! Bot Colony Alpha 5, Build 9.4.05

This latest release contains mostly under-the-hood improvements. While we have predominantly been focusing on stability improvements, we do have a few new features implemented and some exciting things still on the way! This will be one of our last releases before our Early Access Steam release, so we’d like your help and feedback in getting Bot Colony polished. Details below:
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Speech to text:
- Added support for Microsoft speech.
- Improved speech training.
Settings and Options:
- Added support for audio settings
- Improved physics of game objects.
- Improved navigation of robots.
- New cutscenes.
- Improved cinematics.
- Level transitions fixed – you can now switch between levels without restarting the game.
- Various UI fixes.
- Fixed screen resolution issues.
- New audio assets.
- Improvements to save and load.
- New Character selection screen with male/female avatars (Arrival only).
- New explanation for the align command.
- 20 Questions game more robust.
- Level scripts improved.
- General improvements to the language pipeline.
Known Issues:
- Microsoft speech not fully optimized for Bot Colony.
- Some objects in Intruder do not restore properly after loading from a save point.
- Some cut scene audio out of sync or missing.
- Possible frame rate issues, mostly affecting Arrival.
- There are birds where there shouldn’t be.
- Intruder walk animation not optimized.
- Some graphical issues with glass in Arrival.
- Although you can select the Riot and Old Village levels from the Episodes menu, they are not playable (and may crash the game if you try!).
- Kris