Bot Colony


Buy button is back

To all the fans that bought keys directly from myself, or bought the Bot Colony eBook on Amazon to get Steam keys, a big Thank You!

We have assured Valve of our commitment to keep Bot Colony going (we did keep the servers going after all :), and the BUY button is back as of today. Your beloved Jimmy - and his cousin Kate - are now busy moonlighting - take a look at - it's kind of neat that the technology powering Bot Colony found its way into other applications, I'm hoping we'll do better with that than we did with Bot Colony. Personally, I still hope to see this game finished, all 12 episodes of it!

We've made a big upgrade in January, the Robot Visual Memories. We plan to make additional upgrades to conversation with robots in the future, but I cannot commit to specific dates. Early Access terms apply - there are no promises of evolution. 
We'd be very happy to work with developers interested to take on continued development of Bot Colony on a revenue sharing basis - this makes more sense now as the game seems to have more traction after it 'died' than it had before. If you know any sharp developers, pass the word around. 
We have the assets ready for the next 3 - 4 episodes, as you can see from the 30 min video that tells the Bot Colony story using game assets (look for The Story Untold video on the Store page). If our new venture works out, I hope we'll find the money to finance continued development of Bot Colony - that's our heritage and that's how we got into Natural Language Understanding - and it would feel great to finish what we started.

Thank you again!